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About the company

Our history is our pride

The closed joint stock company Alexandria is one of the biggest sewing factories in the South of Russia. It has a long history of more than 85 years long.

Nowadays, Alexandria is a factory with a stable production level. Its main products are men`s classic style clothes and overcoats, of brand “Bellford”, and school uniforms, of brand “Class”.


The closed joint stock company Alexandria is one of the biggest sewing factories in the South of Russia. It has a long history of more than 85 years long.

Nowadays, Alexandria is a factory with a stable production level. Its main products are men`s classic style clothes and overcoats, of brand “Bellford”, and school uniforms, of brand “Class”.

Our commitments:

We are committed to creating comfortable modern clothes for everyday life. We keep and make use of all trade secrets gained by the past generations of our workers. 

Our goals :

Result – we are committed to producing high quality products.
Development – we are committed to creating good and high quality clothes, for which we are constantly improving our skills and quality.
Openness – we are confident about high professionalism of our employees, we trust our customers` opinion, we are open to our business partners who share our goals and values.
Respect – we appreciate opinions and ideas of our employees, partners and customers.
Success – we pursue growth of the company`s finances as a result of each employee`s efforts.


What we can offer you

Our strong point is that we have two production areas where we produce men`s suits, trousers, blazers, shirts, coats, school uniform for boys and girls. Our garments have various styles and elaborated design, which gain them buyers` appraisal and demand.

When elaborating new collections, our designers stick to minimalistic style of garments which allows the customers to create their individual styles


The main products of the factory:

The main types of garments produced at the factory are men`s clothes of classic and casual styles for the mass market, sold within the medium price range, and school uniforms. The garments are released under the factory`s brands. When creating new collections, the factory`s designers apply their experience they got from work with leading fashion designers from Italy.

When manufacturing garments of Bellford and Class brands, the factory uses the most modern technology and fabrics and consider current fashion trends and customers` demands. Therefore, the factory is constantly making research of the competitors` market conditions.

The garments of this brand are modern and daring-looking slim fit models, often furnished with stylish decorations and accessories, are made of modern natural fabrics.


Garments made under trademark   Bellford classic, are intended for men of all ages, who prefer wearing not very expensive but good quality clothes of classic style.

The garments of Bellford Style  brand are modern and daring-looking slim fit models, often furnished with stylish decorations and accessories, are made of modern natural fabrics.

The buyers of the Bellford Casual trademark clothes are men of all ages, who like the comfort which this type of clothes ensure.

The Bellford Prestige collection represents clothes of high quality, they are comfortable to wear and suited to the needs of Russian consumers. The big variety of clothes in this collection can suit any taste.

Special finishing technology, tailouring patterns and modern fabrics ensure good comfortable feel and durable form of the garments.

Торговая марка «КЛАСС» Clothes of «Class» brand are modern-looking, comfortable to wear, the parts of the uniforms go well together and can combine with various colours

Advantages of school uniforms :

The school uniforms designed and produced at our factory enable children to shape their taste in clothes from an early age. We produce the school uniforms according to modern technology and fashion trends, use natural fabrics - wool, cotton, linen, viscose, cashmere.

When creating the school uniforms, we pay special attention to the design of small details, accessories and inner part of the models.


Speaking about quality, we mean not only straight seams …

One of the unfailing trademarks of clothes produced by Alexandria is quality. Indicative of this are awards and prizes won by the company at big exhibitions and competitions held in Russia and the Krasnodar region.

The CJSC Alexandria is a winner of a prize granted by the RF government for quality in production, winner of a RF prize called “Industrial collection” ( «Промышленная коллекция») granted for activities in fashion industry at a fashion festival “Autumn seasons in Sochi” («Бархатные сезоны в Сочи»), the president of the festival is a Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

The company is a multiple prize winner of the following competition: “One hundred best goods of Russia” («Сто лучших товаров России»), “European quality” («Европейское качество»), “Krasnodar quality trademark” («Краснодарская марка качества»), “High quality goods of Kuban” («Высококачественные товары Кубани»), ”National quality-2019” («Национальное качество 2019»)

Award of the government of the Russian Federation CJSC "Alexandria" in the field of quality

Award of the government of the Russian Federation CJSC "Alexandria" in the field of quality


The CJSC Alexandria welcomes cooperation with companies that want to establish stable partnership and that produce or sell men`s classic clothes and school uniforms.

Why it is beneficial for wholesalers to work with the factory:

1) Pricing flexibility
We can offer a special price for our products to each particular wholesaler, depending on the quantity of products to be bought.
There are special discount prices to be offered to our regular customers.

2) Production of clothes demanded in the region.

3) Unfailing quality of the products.
We guarantee high quality of clothes owing to the high-tech production process, a network of proved raw materials` suppliers and skilled personnel at the factory.

4) Quality service and logistics
- The factory is located at the address: Russia, Кrasnodar region, Krasnodar, Pavlova Street, 64.
- The factory`s administrative office and warehouse are located on the same premises, which allows controllable batching and fast loading of products.
- The factory`s products are shipped by reputable transportation companies, in any quantities and in all directions.
- The goods are delivered to the forwarder`s facilities free of charge. The goods are delivered to a destination place at the buyer`s expense.

5) Every order is treated individually.
- 30% prepayment system;
- Transportation of goods after 100% payment effected;
- Customer can order clothes of particular sizes and heights;
- Performance period: from 1 to 3 months (as agreed with a client)
- No limitations of quantity for minimum orders.
- Where you can place your order :
-- In the office at the address: Pavlova Str., 64, Krasnodar region, Krasnodar, Russia.
-- By phone with wholesale managers: (861) 267-63-51 факс: (861) 239-04-46
-- By e-mail with wholesale managers: sbit@alexandria-krasnodar.com , sbit1@alexandria-krasnodar.com, sbit-alex@alexandria-krasnodar.com
-- At the exhibition CMP Moscow at the following address: «Expocentre», the central exhibition complex, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya Str., 14, Moscow, Russia (please clarify in advance the date of the exhibition, number of the pavilion and the stand at the website www.Alexandria-krasnodar.com)

6) Price policy
In the price policy we stick to the principles of fairness, therefore:
- Wey don`t sell our products at dumping prices.
- We don`t sell our products to retailers at wholesale prices.
- We don`t sell our products to small wholesalers at prices intended for big wholesale companies.

Point of sale contacts

Sale of finished products:

The factory has a network of 10 retail shops in the South of Russia.

The factory`s products are also sold to wholesale companies in Russia.


We have in store 15 basic models, 50 fashionable fabrics, and take 15 measurements of a client – these are the figures of our professionals when making clothes made to measure.

Clothes made to measure don`t only fit you perfectly well, but they also represent luxury of self-respect. The clothes make their owner delight in their peculiarities. These clothes are worthwhile to be awaited five days and four weeks – that`s how long they take to be manufactured. The clothes will not only bear their owner`s initials, but also reflect his/her character.


School uniforms «Class» are manufactured with modern equipment, they combine elegance of clothes for adults and juvenile charm. The garments comply with Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and State Sanitary Regulations and Norms of RF.

The range of garments is wide.

The boys` and girls` collection is made in black, grey, dark blue colours, the parts of the uniforms go well together and can be combined with different colours.

The dark blue jackets and skirts of dimmed colours will make girls look stylish and elegant. The suits with vests will make boys look elegant and masculine.

Shirts, blouses and high-neck tops go splendidly well together with trousers, skirts, vests and jackets.

The fascinating design, high quality of fabrics and excellent workmanship are trademarks of the school collection, which will shape children`s taste from an early age.

The garments of this brand are becoming increasingly popular in many regions of Russia due to the excellent work of the specialists.


Philosophy of the brand:

The factory`s main criterion when manufacturing school uniforms is to ensure children`s health. Therefore, comfortable fabrics and accessories are picked, production is closely controlled. The anatomic tailouring of the uniforms allows comfortable wear during a day at school.

Why is it beneficial for parents to buy school uniforms from us?

  • We have a network of retail shops where it is convenient to choose and buy clothes together with your children. Your children can try on any clothes they like.

  • The retail sales of the products are conducted in accordance with trade rules and the Law of consumer rights protection.

  • We produce our school clothes from natural fabrics. We purchase fabrics from manufacturing factories in big volumes, so, if needed, we can produce additional uniforms later during the academic year.

  • Price for the school uniform is also of great importance. Though a high quality school uniform cannot be cheap, it either cannot be too expensive. We are trying to keep the balance when fixing prices for our products. School uniform from previous years` collections are sold with discounts.

  • If the garments are ordered in big volumes and are prepaid for, the price for a unit of garments will be lower. Using this system, you can buy garments form a new collection at discount prices.

  • Unlike a tailor`s shop, we manufacture clothes in standard sizes, therefore, our production cycle takes less time than that of the former, no trying and fitting is needed, so, in the end the price for uniforms is lower.

  • In case your child wears clothes of extraordinary size, we can make a uniform of a suitable size, with the price increased only by 25%.

  • You can always order from us one or several units of any type of school uniforms ordered previously in bulk by schools.

  • When manufacturing garments ordered by a school, we don`t take individual measurements of children, as we produce our uniforms in three heights for sizes 28 – 52, which must be enough for any type of a child`s body.

  • The size of our school uniforms can be adjusted according to your children`s body peculiarities.

  • We can design and manufacture emblems for your uniforms and accessories - ties, belts, suspenders, pins and knitted clothes.

  • It is very easy for parents to place an order with us – they can invite us to a class meeting at school, where we will bring them brochures with a choice of school uniforms collections. Parents can agree on the type of uniform, fill in an order form and make a prepayment. See our collections and conditions at our web-site www.Alexandria-krasnodar.com. An order can also be placed by e-mail at the following address: marketing@Alexandria-Krasnodar.com.


Recommendations for choosing school uniforms:

When manufacturing our school uniforms we pursue the only purpose - to safeguard children`s health.

For this purpose, when choosing a garment for your children please pay your attention to the following:

  • External look of the garment, if it is practical and comfortable to wear.

  • If the fabrics comply with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and sanitary norms.

  • If the garment has labels that show its lawful manufacturer, a paper hangtag and soft labels sewn in the seams of the garment. The labels must have the following information:

    • Name of the garment;

    • Name of the manufacturer or seller;

    • Legal address of the manufacturer or seller;

    • Size of the garment;

    • Composition of fabric;

    • Manufacturer`s trademark (if available);

    • Sign of countries with membership of the Customs Union;

    • Manufacturer`s guarantees (if necessary);

    • Date of manufacture;

  • If the garment has «Declaration of compliance».

  • If the garment is easy to be taken care of;

If you have chosen school uniforms “CLASS” produced by Alexandria, you have made a right choice!

By making this choice you are purchasing a good quality uniform, saving your budget and ensuring your children`s well-being


Owners of discount cards issued by CJSC Alexandria can buy any goods or services at discount prices.

A holder of a gift card can buy goods at retail shops of CJSC Alexandria at a total price equal to the card`s nominal value.


We want to tell You about the fabrics used in the production of school uniforms:

1. We care about children`s health, therefore we pay special attention to the choice of fabrics. The fabrics used by us in the uniforms consist of natural and artificial fibers in good proportion.
- Artificial fibers add to durability, crease resistance of garments and make them simple to take care of.
- Natural fibers ensure porosity and air-permeability of fabrics.

2. In our garments we use fabrics that have been tested for safety parameters:
- Hygienic parameters (porosity, air-permeability, electrostatic properties)
- Chemical parameters (toxicity index, content of formaldehyde, migration of hazardous substances etc.)

3.The school uniforms always have a viscose lining.

4. The correct school uniform must be certified, so it means that all the above-mentioned parameters must be tested in laboratories.

These criteria, of observed, make clothes safe and comfortable to wear

Production of suits at CJSC Alexandria:

The sewing technologies are constantly developing, which poses new tasks and challenges to manufacturers of clothes.

The factory successfully copes with any new technological challenges, thanks to the sewing and ironing equipment produced by Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, Kannegisser, Veit, Brisay, Macpi.

Owing to highly skilled personnel and high-tech equipment at Alexandria, any ideas of designers can be realized into new garments and the excellent quality of products is ensured.


Production of suits

We produce up to 110,000 suits per year (or 10,000 suits per month).



Production of men`s shirts

We produce up to 200,000 shirts per year (or 18,000 suits per month).



Why it is beneficial to work with us

1. The factory is committed to producing high quality clothes. The products are the result of about 500 colleagues` work.
In order to comply with social and environmental sustainability principles, the factory has established a controllable production process, its employees receive wages in due time and are provided with social benefits and fair working conditions.
Labour protection practices are in place, particularly dangerous facilities and equipment are strictly controlled, programmes of production ecological and sanitary control are being followed at the factory.

2. The factory welcomes any kind of cooperation in designing of seasonal collections of all kinds of clothes, with customer`s wishes considered.
The factory has an experimental shop, where a group of designers can offer various models or design any collection of clothes according to the world`s fashion trends.

3. High technology sewing equipment and highly-skilled personnel ensure competitive quality of the factory`s products and can enable mass production of any models suggested by a client.

4. Following ethic principles, the factory has a short production cycle, treats the client`s materials with care and can offer flexible terms of cooperation, which are not to be disclosed to third parties



Our history

The history of the factory dates back to 1933, when a sewing factory was organized, named in honour of Mr. Kirov S.M. Before that it was just a working association called “Standart”. The factory started with 15-16 hand and foot -drive sewing machines and manual stove and steam-heated irons. With time, the factory got reequipped and expanded its staff, which allowed to design and produce coats and men`s suits from woolen fabrics. By 1938 the number of employees has grown to 1,000 people.

The factory had hard times during the war years. Notwithstanding all difficulties and owing to the factory employee` hard work, the factory resumed its work on March, 1st in 1943.

After the war, the factory produced a wide range of clothes from woolen, silk and cotton fabrics. Those were suits, light dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts and underwear.

The administration of the factory made efforts to provide social benefits to its workers. There was opened a kindergarten for 75 children and a canteen on the premises of the factory. An agricultural household was set up to supply the workers and the canteen with food.

Since August, 1975 the Kirov factory became the head factory of the other five sewing factories located in the Krasnodar region.

By 1992 the factory was a big town-forming company, which later was privatized and turned into a closed joint stock company Alexandria.

In 1995 a network of retail shops was set up in order to promote sales of the factory`s products. Wholesales were also increased. New brands of products were set up and developed.

The CJSC Alexandria was one of the first companies in the Krasnodar region to certify its quality control system as compliant with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

The factory used to cooperate with companies «SeidenSticker», «Weber & OTT», «THOMAS SOISSON» and others.

The company was more than once awarded by the RF government for high level of quality of their products



Production of clothes by type: Men`s clothes; Trousers; Blazers; Shirts; Women`s clothes, Schoolboys` uniforms, Schoolgirls` uniforms



Our partners

We trust our customers` opinion, we are open to our business partners who share our goals and values.